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Together, working for social and environmental progress in Mauritius

The Joseph Lagesse Foundation is a non-profit organisation created in 2005 by the Group CEO of IBL Ltd, Arnaud Lagesse, to address social and environmental issues in Mauritius. Since 1st July 2009, a government bill requires that all Mauritian companies donate 2% of their profits after taxes to Corporate Social Responsibility activities. This sum must be donated to organisations authorised by the National CSR Committee (NGOs, Special Purpose Vehicles or National Programmes) during the following year, otherwise it will be levied as tax by the Mauritius Revenue Authority.

The Joseph Lagesse Foundation has chosen education, community development, the environmental and health as its main areas of focus.


To be a reliable partner for the sustainable development of Mauritius, for the integration of vulnerable people and for the promotion of human dignity

children of Chemin Rail

The Joseph Lagesse Foundation’s priority is to give access to education to all Mauritians. The CSR projects target vulnerable Mauritian children, from kindergarten through primary education to secondary education. The financing of the Bois Marchand Education Facility is an example of the work done for the young people of Mauritius. For the last few years, the Foundation has also offered scholarships to tertiary education students who lack the funds to pursue their studies. Every student is individually monitored to help them achieve academic success.

Joseph Lagesse Foundation invests in health

The Joseph Lagesse Foundation tries to responds positively to individuals or families who need costly health expenses support. Surgical care does not come within established CSR criteria, so the Foundation has a non-CSR budget dedicated to patients in financial distress.

The environment and sustainable development have become key priorities for the Joseph Lagesse Foundation and for IBL Ltd. The first step is to instil young people in Mauritius with a sense of good citizenship and a respect for their environment through social and educational programmes. The second step is to develop new ideas, encourage the use of a cleaner technology, continue to raise employee awareness and to sustain and expand environmental protocols which have been put in place by companies of the group. The Joseph Lagesse Foundation has created Anou Gard Nou Pei Prop Ek Zoli (Let’s keep our country clean and beautiful), an environmental programme with a simple objective: to change the behaviour of Mauritians by making them more aware of their environment and thereby helping to create a more environmentally friendly and sustainable Mauritius.

Joseph Lagesse Foundation contributes to the development Community

The Foundation’s integrated community development programme currently manages two projects: Chemin Rail and Bois Marchand Mo Lendrwa (Rail Road and Bois Marchand, My Neighbourhood). Both programmes are based on field work collaborating with local social partners to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants. It is an integrated project which encompasses psychological support, training and education, life skills, entrepreneurship, rehousing and health issues.

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