Fondation Joseph Lagesse

Reducing poverty sustainably

A charity organisation created in 2005, Fondation Joseph Lagesse (FJL) is an initiative of IBL’s Group CEO, Arnaud Lagesse. Its mission is to Reduce Poverty Sustainably with the following approach:


  • Improve access to quality education
  • Enhance youth’s development
  • Promote social justice and human rights
  • Empower communities

FJL’s Board of Directors adopted a strategic plan for 2020- 2023 to optimise its resources while continuing to serve its target beneficiaries. Supported by a Research and Evaluation Unit, this plan groups FJL’s activities into three programmes:


  • Empowerment Programme
  • Literacy Programme
  • Rapid Response Programme


Positioning itself as a capacity-building entity that works closely with the CSR teams within the group, FJL aims to help IBL entities develop and deliver their CSR initiatives, creating long-term, positive change in the communities they work in.

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