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‘Building a Legacy Together’: sustainability as a pillar for IBL Group

IBL Group launched its sustainability strategy ‘Building a Legacy Together’ in 2022 at a workshop hosted by IBL Group CEO, Arnaud Lagesse. Since then, the group has made notable strides in adopting an integrated and embedding approach to sustainability.

On 2 June 2023, IBL Group organised its first ‘Building a Legacy Together’ full day conference at Caudan Arts Centre, gathering IBL’s executive team to explore the integration of sustainability into their corporate and financial strategies. Esteemed sustainability experts from South Africa and Europe were invited to share their valuable insights, shedding light on the current sustainability landscape, and emphasizing the role of businesses in driving positive change.

Arnaud Lagesse, IBL Group CEO, kicked off the conference by stating: “We need to preserve our future, and everyone should realize that the scale of the challenge is unprecedented. It requires all stakeholders to work together to accelerate change, NOW. It requires agility and the ability of companies, and their stakeholders, to make systemic changes in alignment with the systemic changes of the world. We should not see sustainability as a constraint but as an opportunity to promote a healthier, fair, and well-balanced economy.”

Inspiring discussions led by sustainability experts

Throughout the event, the executive team had the opportunity to participate in thought-provoking discussions led by esteemed sustainability experts. These discussions brought forward diverse perspectives and shed light on key sustainability topics, inspiring the attendees to take actions.

Key highlights from the discussions:

Pierre-Alexandre Moussa, Head of Climate and Sustainable Solutions at TP ICAP, highlighted the necessity of financing climate change adaptation, with reference to the new EU Taxonomy, and the assessment of climate-related risks.

Professor Ralph Hamann, co-founder of the South African leg of the Embedding Project and professor at the UCT Graduate School of Business, provided insights on the pressing economic and environmental risks and the need for business leaders to identify risks and opportunities, analyse their impact, determine areas of priority, and communicate and set targets towards transformation.

Laëtitia Habchi, Director of Agence Française de Développement (AFD) Mauritius, shed light on the significant role of AFD and Proparco in leveraging international public finance to foster the development of sustainable and inspiring projects in Mauritius, as well as across the African continent.

Justin Smith, Head of the Business Development Unit at WWF South Africa, shared the keys to collaborations and partner shift systems towards achieving a healthier planet for all, emphasizing the importance of powerful inclusive partnerships through impactful examples in South Africa.

These discussions served as a catalyst for deeper understanding and collaboration, empowering IBL’s executives to make informed decisions and drive positive change within their respective businesses. The diverse expertise and perspectives shared by these sustainability experts helped to reinforce the importance of collective action in creating a more sustainable future for all.

Interactive strategic workshop

Led by Makhegu Mabunda, Engagement Manager for the Embedding Project, and Professor Ralph Hamann, the conference featured an interactive workshop that empowered the executives to take tangible steps towards integrating sustainability into IBL’s strategy.

Attendees, coming from the nine IBL’s clusters, had the opportunity to assess key trends, opportunities, risks, and collaborations within their respective value chains, and even across industries. The workshop fostered active participation, equipping the executive team with practical knowledge and hands-on experiences in sustainability. Through the workshop, participants gained insights into emerging sustainability issues, identified growth opportunities, and analysed potential risks.

The outcomes of the workshop are meant to lay a solid foundation for innovation, development, and implementation of IBL’s integrated sustainability strategy. Armed with this knowledge, the executive team can better lead sustainability initiatives within their respective businesses and catalyse progress towards IBL’s Group sustainable goals.

IBL Group’s commitment to a sustainable future

As the leading Mauritian conglomerate, IBL Group will continue taking significant steps forward in the shared journey towards sustainability.

Luvna Arnassalon-Seerungen, Head of Sustainability reiterated, “As a business, there is no choice anymore, we should embed sustainability through a transformation of our financial strategies in tackling systemic risks, towards ensuring our profitability and viability. All these discussions inside the group have shed light on the worldwide disruptions taking place and the necessity of a deep and gradual transition”.

Christine Marot, Group Head of Technology and Sustainability closed on the following note: “As a group, we will need to team up, build up our capabilities which will promote synergies, and accelerate our transformation”.

Arnaud Lagesse, IBL Group CEO, concluded: “Sustainability is a pillar for IBL Group. The journey ‘Building a Legacy Together’ with the Embedding Project will help us create a better future for our businesses, the environment, and the people”.


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