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Ellgeo Re: Insurers need insurance too

As much as insurers take on the risks of individuals and companies, they also have a threshold up to which they can sustain these risks. Brokers like EllGeo Re act as intermediaries between insurers and reinsurers. 


“I like taking risks. I like trying new things, whether it be style or restaurants or whatever”, says Lewis Hamilton. Coming from a successful and acclaimed Formula 1 champion, this quote might be a statement of the obvious. The most optimistic among us will say that in risk resides the potential for success. True, but mishaps do happen along the way. We are all exposed to risk in one way or another.  


The good news is that insurance is there to secure us against most risks. It is a mechanism whereby we, individuals and companies alike, transfer our risks to professionals whose job it is to devise solutions to manage them. 


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