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Creating long-term value for everyone


Sustainability is an integral part of how IBL does business. Our values, vision and mission compel us to adopt responsible, sustainable business practices across our group and everywhere we work.

By building our business while managing our environmental, social and governance risks, we believe we can achieve positive and meaningful change in the long term for everyone.

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At IBL, we understand that our legacy and impact are long-term, and we are determined to help protect the planet for future generations. We seek to reduce our use of resources and develop new and environmentally-friendly ways of doing business.

Our people and stakeholders

IBL is dedicated to being a responsible employer, business and partner. We believe in taking care of and constructively engaging with all of our stakeholders, from our team members, investors, suppliers and clients to the communities in which we work.

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Ethics and governance

IBL does business in an ethical manner. Our commitment to integrity is enshrined in our mission, vision and values and in our robust governance practices.

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Sustainability, the only possible strategy

Sustainability is at the heart of IBL’s strategy. We’re aware that to create long-term value for our stakeholders, we need to invest in the businesses of the future while adopting more sustainable practices today.



Fondation Joseph Lagesse

Fondation Joseph Lagesse is a crucial part of IBL’s work in the community. It also plays a key role in helping us contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Small Step Matters

IBL proudly supports Small Step Matters, a crowdfunding platform for environmental and community projects in Mauritius. 

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