Froid des Mascareignes

Froid des Mascareignes (FDM) is a cold-storage company exclusively dedicated to seafood product storage which also offers packing and export services.

Marine Biotechnology Products

Marine Biotechnology Products specialises in the manufacture of fishmeal and fish oil made from the by-products of the tuna processing industry in Mauritius.

Mer des Mascareignes

Mer des Mascareignes’ (MDM) main activity is the processing and packaging of Sashimi Grade -40°c Frozen Tuna supplied by the Sapmer purse seiner fleet. Skinless & boneless tuna loins, steaks and portions are prepared and packed according to customer specifications and exported all around the world to be distributed in the food service as well as retail markets.


Nutrifish is active in the field of high-added value ingredients, and offers a range of natural ingredients for the food, aromatic and nutraceutic markets. The company has its production located in Cherbourg (France).

Phoenix Bev

PhoenixBev is an independent brewer and soft drinks bottler company, operating in both Mauritius and the wider Indian Ocean region. PhoenixBev specializes in the production and bottling of alcoholic and soft drinks.