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WE ARE SALT: Hotels with a big heart proud of their roots

A sincere and natural approach to discover, live and share

SALT puts emotion back in the heart of the trip. Paul Jones, CEO of LUX * Group explains that the concept is defined by a very humanistic philosophy. Thus, SALT will offer modern explorers, in search of cultural discoveries, the opportunity to connect to a destination and its inhabitants, with authenticity, simplicity and sharing the values ​​of eco-responsible and sustainable tourism.n</em> ».

The first establishment will open its doors in Mauritius on November 1st, giving life to the brand’s identity groundworks before other places emerge in the Indian Ocean, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The selection of destinations will be a unique collection, allowing each future establishment to be fully in tune with its environment, offering it a unique and distinctive setting.

SALT hotels are first and foremost created so that guests can experience their stay in the most authentic way in a simple and elegant place, to relax, escape from everyday life and recharge their batteries. The hotels are designed to immerse holidaymakers in an atmosphere with local colors reinforcing a sense of sharing with the culture and the people. Outside the hotel, each guest will have the tools to take a leisurely stroll off the beaten track and discover the destination in a different light. They will have at their disposal: a guide published, written and photographed by the inhabitants, with illustrated maps, a local SIM card and access to a choice of means of transport – bicycles or convertibles.

Above all, SALT is ethical, it’s a state of mind, a way of living, working and being mindful of the environment. Wherever possible, in SALT facilities the needs for the operations will be covered by local resources: the musical environment, food, furniture, fabrics and even toiletries. They will favor fair trade, organic and non-toxic to minimize energy consumption, waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions. Compost, animal feed and recycling plants will be a guarantee, with a commitment not to organize buffets or use single-use plastic objects.

Convinced of the importance of protecting our planet and that what we put on our plate has a direct impact on the environment and human health, SALT is committed to the project “Good, Clean and Fair Food». The philosophy for food at SALT will be: choose what is ‘fresh, local, seasonal, locally made and zero waste’, while emphasizing simplicity. In this regard, each hotel will have its own farm. In addition, hotels will work closely with local representatives of organizations that work for quality productions, protect unique areas and ecosystems, rehabilitate traditional production methods, and safeguard native breeds and local plant varieties. The chefs will renew their daily menus according to the fisheries and farm and agricultural productions of the day. Bread and pastries will be made and produced locally, with products from local producers.

At the origin of the SALT principle, the CEO of LUX *, Paul Jones comments: “SALT was born of a demand and a need of modern travelers, in search of culture and discovery but animated by a very humanist philosophy. Today’s explorers do not just come to discover a place, they also seek to understand who the people are and how they live. It is a generation of “cultural purists”. At the same time, everyone is committed to preserving the planet and shares the fundamental vision of eco-responsible and sustainable tourism. By creating SALT, we are helping to respond to this new form of travel. “


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