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Dodo Trail 2018

« So much emotion and excitement for this Edition 2018, happy contestants, putting the values of IBL forward: surpassing one’s self, fraternity, team spirit and moral values. See you again next year for the 8th edition!” – Marie-Hélène Lagesse, Corporate Events Manager of IBL Together et Race Director of Dodo Trail 2018.

The race

Many showed up on Sunday the 8th July to participate in the Dodo Trail 2018, 2nd edition under the banner of IBL Together, which was a huge success: 1200 people initially registered and more than 1100 participants taking part in the various races!

Numerous trail-runners and children participated in this sporting and friendly event, despite the rain at the start of the 25- and 50-Km. Fortunately, the sun came out around 9 o’clock, at the start of the Dodo Trail ACTIVE 10-Km. More than 3000 people were present between at the Village on Saturday and Sunday.

The results

On the Dodo Trail XTREME 50-Km, Simon Desvaux de Marigny stormed through the race, beginning and ending in first place, consequently keeping his title of XTREME champion. Christiaan Greyling, South African star runner, put on a beautiful performance, finishing 2nd, leaving the representative of Reunion Island, Freddy Thevenin in third. For women, Alexandra Clain and Mano Pousse Bourgeois, both from Reunion Island, claimed the victory, ahead of the Mauritian star Alizée de Coriolis who came third.

“This year has been my 7th participation in the Dodo Trail XTREME 50-Km. At 5h55, I came out with a tremendous victory. Thanks to all members of the Dodo Trail team for such a successful, very well-organised event. See you next year!” – Simon Desvaux

“The Dodo Trail is above all a well-organised and well-managed event, on which one receives a very warm welcome. I had already taken part in the Dodo Trail 25-Km (2nd woman in 2012) and 10-Km (1st woman in 2014). This year, I was lucky enough to discover the Dodo Trail XTREME. The route that goes through private areas exclusively reserved for the race gives access to sites of great beauty, helping participants discover all that trail in Mauritius has to offer. It’s an adventure that I’ll take pleasure and fun in embarking on again!” – Alexandra Clain

A standing ovation was given to the well-known and respected trail pioneer Philippe La Hausse, for his well-deserved 1st place in the 60- to 69-year-age category.

“The Dodo Xtreme 50km 2018 was my 150th competitive trail – and what a great way to celebrate 150 trails! Technical, superb scenery and great companions on the trail. A first-class challenge for any trailer.
Superbly well-organised, wonderful volunteers at the refreshment tables always willing to fill bottles, offer soup and an encouragement. Probably the best ultra-trail Mauritius has to offer, with every consideration given to both local and overseas trailers alike. I can only recommend very highly this trail to any passionate trailer.” – Philippe La Hausse de la Louvière

As for the Dodo Trail TROOPER 25-Km, veteran Vishal Ittoo claimed victory a few minutes ahead of Mauritius’ future trail star, Bhuvish Lukea. The 3rd place went to the Frenchman Stéphane Giordanengo. For the women, Séverine Pont Cambe from Switzerland, was crowned champion while, the young South African Emily Yeo came in 2nd and the Mauritian Sarah Camoin came in 3rd place.

On the Dodo Trail ACTIVE 10-Km, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd was awarded to Jonathan Cotte, with Dhavind Custnea and Zoe Thomas respectively. For the women, Olga Firsova, from Russia, claimed back her victory by finding herself on the highest step of the podium this year again, ahead of Christianne Louis and Geraldine Fournier.


Here are some amazing comments of the Dodo trail Facebook followers:

“Dodo trail organisers, you helped turn our Mauritius run-cation into one we will remember and cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you for this fully-inclusive event. There certainly was a challenge and opportunity for every age and fitness level. But most of all you made everyone who participated feel welcome, special and pampered. These kinds of events create runners for life.”

“Excellent race! These 10 Kms, while very technical, were so much fun. And icing on the cake: the breath-taking views! I had a great time participating in this 2018 edition of the Dodo Trail and will be back as soon as I can. Big thanks to all those who contributed in making this event such a beautiful success! And a special mention to Philippe the Osteopath – you were the best!”


« With the Dodo Trail, I am glad that the values that IBL focuses on are exercised to positively shape the community for our common purpose, that is to promote physical and emotional health, incite respect and tolerance across our diverse society and promote our new environmentally conscious culture. » – Arnaud Lagesse, Group CEO, IBL Ltd

Being aware of its impact on the environment, and in collaboration with FORENA, Ze Dodo Trail Ltd gave Rs 50 of each registration to the NGO’s cause, thereby contributing to its reforestation project, planting endemic trees in the Pétrin National Park. It was an absolute pleasure to give away a Rs 78,050 cheque to FORENA at the Dodo Trail 2018 on Sunday 8th of July.

Why stop here when you can go further? In October, the Dodo Trail will be cleaning some of the race’s tracks and planting endemic trees at a dedicated Dodo Trail spot at the Macchabée Kiosk in the Pétrin National Park.



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