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IBL On The Move 2019

More than Rs 700,000 harvested thanks to the record number of participants

The seventh edition of IBL On The Move, a sports event of the IBL group for charity purposes, has taken place this Saturday, March 30th.

Sunshine and clear skies were the order of the day as more than 1100 participants (a record for this event) cycled, swam, ran for the Young Spirit Association.

This extraordinary NGO transforms the lives of children and young people, helps them to stay at the right academic level and above all, helps them to flourish through shows, dances, and theater. Marie-Hélène Lagesse, Event Manager of IBL admits to having been conquered by this approach which really puts the well-being of the child at the heart of the programs.

The IBL Group has created this event suitable for amateurs and professionals, to combine the values ​​of sport, social support and community spirit. Arnaud Lagesse, Group CEO recalled during his speech, that IBL On The Move is the foundation of IBL Group’s mission to build a better future for all. He adds: “As one of the directors of this association recently told me: “it takes a village to raise a child.” This village today is Azuri, the sponsors of the IBL Group who follow us every year, the organizing team, the volunteers and all of us! “

Thanks to this village, IBL has raised more than Rs700,000 to buy a building to house the children of the Young Spirit Association.

The participants thus took up this sporting and charitable challenge which took place in a fun and friendly atmosphere with remarkable performances and impeccable time.

The complete results of the races are available on the website and on the
IBL On The Move Facebook page.


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